Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Phase #3, Week #2, Day #5

This is day 61 out of 84 in my German Volume Training experiment. Today's exercise log:
Parallel bar dips7.06666666666
Incline hammer curls16.56666666666
Bent over dumbbell lateral raise6.5151312
Seated dumbbell lateral raise6.5131210
Don't forget to check page with links to exercises!

Today's food log:
07:00 1 scoop of whey, muesli mix 125g, yogurt 350g
09:30 training
11:30 rice semolina + 2 scoops of whey
12:30 200g of chicken breast, fresh salad, 250mg of vitamin C
15:30 35g of dark chocolate
17:30 300g of burger, fresh salad
22:00 250g of fresh white cheese (5.5% fat)

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