Saturday, 1 November 2014

Phase #3, Week #1, Day #5

This is day 54 out of 84 in my German Volume Training experiment. Today's exercise log:
Parallel bar dips5.06666666666
Incline hammer curls14.06666666666
Bent over dumbbell lateral raise6.5151212
Seated dumbbell lateral raise6.5151212
Next week I'll increase weights for two main exercises. Now I'm pretty sure that by the end of experiment I'll do dips with 10kg. Don't forget to check page with links to exercises!

Today's food log:
07:00 1 scoop of whey, muesli mix 125g, yogurt 350g
08:30 training
10:30 rice semolina + 2 scoops of whey
13:30 150g of pork chops, fresh salad with olive oil
16:00 330g of fruit yogurt
17:00 200g of peppers filled with minced meat and rice, fresh salad with olive oil
21:30 250g of fresh white cheese (5.5% fat)

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