Friday, 5 September 2014

Phase #1, Week #1, Day #5

This is day 5 out of 84 in my German Volume Training experiment. Today's exercise log:
Parallel bar dips0.010101010987655
Incline hammer curls9.010101010998765
Bent over dumbbell lateral raise5.0121212
Seated dumbbell lateral raise6.5121212
I still feel soreness from first training of the week so I'll keep those weights for the next week's arm day. Don't forget to check page with links to exercises!

Today's food log:
09:00 pancakes (made of oat flakes, eggs and milk) filled with cottage cheese, dried meat and sesame seeds
10:00 training
11:30 rice semolina + 2 scoops of whey
13:45 200g of chicken breast, fresh salad with olive oil, 250mg of vitamin C
16:30 330g of fruit yogurt
17:30 100g of pork chops, 400g of beans, fresh salad with olive oil
19:00 35g of dark chocolate
22:00 1 can of tuna (120g of fish, 50g of oil), fresh salad

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