Monday, 8 September 2014

Phase #1, Week #2, Day #1

This is day 8 out of 84 in my German Volume Training experiment. Today's exercise log:
Dumbbell bench press19.01010101010101010107
Lat pulldown narrow grip50.010101010101010101010
Incline dumbbell flyes9.0121212
One arm dumbbell row16.5121212
It was a good training today. Next week I'll keep same weight for bench press but I'll raise weight for lat machine pulldown. Don't forget to check page with links to exercises!

Today's food log:
06:00 muesli mix 125g, yogurt 350g
08:00 training
10:00 rice semolina + 2 scoops of whey
12:00 250g of moussaka, fresh salad with olive oil, 250mg of vitamin C
14:30 330g of fruit yogurt
15:30 150g of moussaka, 150g of string beans, fresh salad with olive oil
17:30 35g of dark chocolate
20:30 250g of fresh white cheese (5.5% fat)

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